Frequently Asked Questions

Got an issue, or just curious? Read our FAQ below, or contact us if you still need assistance..

How do I buy Runescape Gold?

Fill the form and our team will contact you via livechat. OR 1. Contact livechat and they will respond within 3 minutes.

Will I need to upload my ID?

ID will be needed if you are selling or buying gold via PayPal.

How likely is it for me to get banned on RuneScape after buying OSRS or RS3 gold?

We take highest security measures on our trades, such as proper accounts, same IP location, proxies.

How long will I have to wait for my RS Gold after sending the payment?

Gold will be delivered within 5 minutes of purchase, if there is any delay you will be informed.

What payment methods do you accept and how do they work?

We accept G2Pay for your convenience and ease, they are certified and have highest availability of payments, additionally we accept cryptocurrencies via CoinGate which allows you to pay with many cryptos such as : ETH/BTC/XRP/Bitcoin Cash/Litecoin, and we also accept Paypal.