99 firemaking skill with wintertodt

Wintertodt: 99 Firemaking skill on Ironman Mode

Hello, weary traveler! Grinding on Ironman mode and looking to level up your firemaking skill on Wintertodt? This complete guide is perfect for adventurers like you.

Wintertodt is in the Northern Tundras at Great Kourend. This minigame-style boss requires more skill to defeat than combat. Instead of defeating it on your own, you are here to help the pyromancers keep the Winterbeast at bay. And the way you are helping the pyromancers can level up your firemaking skill, plus receive other rewards from supply crates once you win a round.

Excited? Not so fast! There are things you need to prepare before traveling to the Great Kourend.

Warm Clothing

For a place called Wintertodt, you would expect it to be cold. Better suit up on your warm clothing before traveling there.

If you are playing during the Christmas or Easter updates and play the holiday events, you can use the Santa outfit (which you can also get from Diango at Draynor Village if you lose or destroy it) or the Bunny outfit as warm clothing. But if you are playing on an ordinary day, here’s a quick way to get the Clue Hunter warm clothing.

You will be digging for the items to complete the outfit, so you will need a spade. Here are the locations for each clothing:

• Gloves and boots – North of East Ardougne, next to an oak tree southwest of the Fishing Guild.
• Trousers – Near the entrance to the Pothole Dungeon, north of Tai Bwo Wannai
• Cloak – Between two willow trees southeast of Yanille
• Garb – Shayzien at Great Kourend, northeast of the Shayzien’s minecart station.
• Helm of Raedwald – Near the iron rocks by the cave entrance east of the Clock Tower.

While this is the complete Clue Hunter outfit, you can just get the trousers, cloak, gloves, and boots for the game to accept it as warm clothing. Plus, to dig for the Helm of Raedwald, you will also need a Nature Rune, leather boots, and one Superantipoison. You no longer need to go and get more items just for the helm.


While it is called a “minigame-style boss,” Wintertodt is considered a boss, so you need to be careful if you are on Hardcore Ironman because it is NOT safe to die here. Better stock up on food to replenish your health! There is so much to choose from but consider stocking up on cakes, pizzas, and pies to replenish your HP—those have multiple bites per item.

All those foods require at least 40 Cooking skill and above to bake. If you have been grinding to level up most of your skills, you won’t have any problem. But if you have not leveled up your Cooking—or if you just don’t want to wait and bake everything yourself—there is an easier way for you. Thieving!

Cakes are much better to stock up on since they carry three bites, while pizzas and pies carry only two bites (but they do replenish more HP). To make sure you have enough, steal as many cakes as you can on the bakery stalls. Some players have stocked up to 300+ cakes, just to be sure.

One trick to steal without getting caught by the seller or the guards is to stand right where the seller is. You can steal as many cakes as you want, and no one will ever notice.

It’s easy to keep your HP up if you pay attention to it. If you still want to bake your own cakes, pies, and pizzas, then here are ones you can bake:

Cakes (three bites total):

• Cake – heals 4HP per bite.
• Chocolate Cake – heals 5HP per bite.

Pies (two bites total):

• Meat pie – heals 6HP per bite.
• Apple pie – heals 7HP per bite.

Pizzas (two bites total):

• Plain pizza – heals 7HP per bite.
• Meat pizza – heals 8HP per bite.
• Anchovy pizza – heals 9HP per bite.

Take note that the food listed here can be made on Free-to-Play accounts.


Grinding to get to 99 Firemaking will take you some time. While there are crates near the Doors of Dinh providing supplies like bronze axes and tinderboxes, you should equip a steel axe. This will chop the Bruma roots faster, giving you at least a little less time to grind.

Firemaking Skill Level (and Other Requirements)

You have your items and warm clothing ready, but you still need a couple more things to accomplish before you can defeat Wintertodt.

You cannot just waltz in Wintertodt and start defeating it at level 10 Firemaking. To subdue Wintertodt, you need at least level 50 Firemaking. You can always level up your Firemaking by chopping down trees and burning logs.

Leveling up your other skills does not help with defeating Wintertodt, but higher skill levels can grant you higher EXP and better rewards in supply crates at the end of each round.

The Druidic Ritual quest also needs to be completed to pick Bruma herbs, which are used to create rejuvenation potions.

It is also required to own a player-owned house to gain Construction experience from repairing broken braziers.

Once you met all these requirements, it’s time to travel to Wintertodt.


As mentioned before, you help pyromancers in subduing the Wintertodt in its prison. To do that, chop the Bruma roots located near the braziers. You can also fletch the roots to get higher reward points.

Next, drop the roots on either one of the four braziers located around the Wintertodt’s prison to light the braziers. Repeat this process until the Wintertodt is completely subdued.

Upon entering the area, a HUD will appear at the top left of your screen. This shows the Wintertodt’s HP and the four braziers around it. For the braziers, there are certain icons to keep track of:

• Unlit fire – the brazier has not been lit yet.
• Lit fire – the brazier has been lit.
• Red magic hat with crafting icon – the brazier has been damaged, needs repairing.
• Lit fire with red magic hat – the pyromancer has been incapacitated, needs healing.


A minimum of 500 points is needed to get the supply crates and Firemaking experience (100x the player’s level in Firemaking) after each round. Earning experience and reward points depend on the activities you did during the battle round:

• Lighting braziers – 25 points
• Adding Bruma roots to a brazier – 10 points
• Adding Bruma kindling to a brazier – 25 points
• Repairing damaged braziers – 25 points
• Healing pyromancers – 30 points

You can get different rewards on the supply crates, most especially pieces of the Pyromancer outfit. It consists of a Pyromancer hood, garb, robe, and boots. Wearing the full pyromancer outfit can boost your Firemaking XP by 2.5%.


Grinding at Wintertodt is a fast yet passive way to level up your Firemaking and Woodcutting skills. But to get to level 99, you must defeat Wintertodt around 670 times (according to OSRS Wiki, this is based on a player using mainly Bruma kindling and earning 800 points per round).

When Wintertodt is defeated, you have about 60 seconds of downtime before it wakes up again. You can gain extra experience during this time by burning logs, fletching darts, or making jugs of wine.

One user in the 2007scape subreddit shared that they defeated Wintertodt 525 times, with an average of 25,000 XP per kill. Calculating it to defeating Wintertodt 11 times per hour, with every round lasting around 5 minutes and 30 seconds, they reached level 99 Firemaking skill in 48 hours.

There are faster ways to do it, like going on an official Wintertodt world (307,309, and 311). It has faster games, usually lasting around 4 minutes. Some players have noted they reached 99 Firemaking in around 35-40 hours this way.

That is your complete guide in getting level 99 Firemaking with Wintertodt!