Best NMZ bosses

Which are the Best NMZ bosses to train on? The Complete Nightmare Zone Boss Guide!

Getting started with NMZ

Nightmare Zone is a combat-based mini-game that became famous due to its exciting quests and boss fights. It primarily lies at the north of Yanille, northwest side of the bank. If you don’t know yet, this fantastic game is managed by Dominic Onion, which is the same manager of Lunar Isle.

You don’t have to stress about safety since Nightmare Zone runs with a high level of security. Once your character died, you will respawn in NMZ’s designated area with the items that you have collected. However, you must do your best not to lose your stuff while driving away from the playing field.

Over the years, everyone has probably fantasied about overcoming boss levels at Nightmare Zone. If you are extremely dedicated to this mini-game, you will surely become a master at it eventually. However, time and research are essential that you need to consider to become good at NMZ. Since boss fights are harder, you have to practice your skills and training with different enemies.

Anyone who has ever played Nightmare Zone can probably recall one specific moment where he spent several hours of playtime and countless deaths with a boss. It was due to the defeat of a beast that one encountered from a mysterious quest. Thus, if you want to avoid dozens of deaths at Nightmare Zone, you must start boss training. Once you have mastered how to beat NMZ bosses, you will receive reward points that can unlock new capabilities.

Always remember that enemies at NMZ sustain more damage than what you can create. Therefore, you have to use power-ups and some useful techniques to stay ahead of the opponent. NMZ bosses are more complex and challenging to defeat, and once you have killed them, you will receive significant points along with the progression of your session.

It is no surprise why several players are emerging themselves with the idea of boss fights. It feels good once you have achieved the unlikely victory with a strong enemy. With proper training, you can brag about your NMZ skills to your friends or random internet players using Nightmare Zone.

But before we look into which are the best NMZ bosses to train on, we need to understand the point of choosing different bosses in NMZ.

At Nightmare Zone, you will encounter some bosses several times, and typically, it requires different strategies and other attacks to defeat them each time. The battle becomes more challenging as you play longer since they become progressively more robust and less vulnerable to your techniques. Therefore, players must train and learn new tactics to win.

NMZ bossesare challenging and memorable, and each battle with them requires hours of practice to master their movements. These characters are much more potent than the other enemies since you have defeated them, you can yield tons of items and skills that you can use for the rest of the game.

Important note!

Make sure to read our NMZstarting guide first before delving into the best NMZ bosses to train on. Some of the concepts we cover here are a continuation and a more in-depth look than that guide.

Starting in NMZ

We did not publish this topic only to explain why you must train for boss battles. Through the far reaches of Nightmare Zone and the best bosses to practice on, we want to go deeper. Nowadays, some gamers tend to toss out the importance of choosing a boss.

To start training in the NMZ, you will need to choose at least five bosses from your previously done quests. So, if you are just starting on a new account, want whichever quest bosses you have available. However, make sure to only select melee bosses. Otherwise, most AFK and other best available methods will not be viable.

For starters, these are the five easiest bosses to unlock to begin training:

• The Lost City

• Mountain Daughter

• Tree Gnome Village

• Vampire Slayer

• Fight Arena

Why these 5 are the best NMZ bosses to train on early

These are three reasons as to why these five quests are the best. Firstly, these five quests are de-facto the best journeys to do when starting your account, accompanied by the Waterfall quest, of course. They are the best because they give the highest XP in their skills available at lower levels. Secondly, these quests have little or no pre-requirements so that every new account can do them. Lastly, all the bosses in these quests are melee.

Investing your time getting to know each NMZ boss and practising can significantly improve your performance. Regardless if you are trying to become a pro or only want to improve your reaction time, sticking to your training sessions is beneficial. Training regularly with different bosses is the best way to master their movements and strategies.

However, some players are trying to cheat or use exploits, thinking that they could earn ridiculous advantages over the enemies, but these strategies will not help anyone become better. You have to enhance your skill the right way and train with your friends in defeating the boss. Some NMZ bosses have an immense health level, and you have to kill it within a time limit. Once you have spent plenty of time training, there is no doubt that you will reach victory.

Important note regarding NMZ bosses

If you haven’t read our NMZ point guide, you probably will miss this essential information. The amount of NMZ points you get from the mini-game is directly connected to how many opponents you spawn during each fight. Therefore, more bosses equal to more locations. As you increase your stats and progress your account, you should always do as many quests as possible to maximize your training!

The four best bosses for fastest XP gain in NMZ

• Moss Giant 7.5%

• Dad (Troll) 10%

• Ice Troll King 12.5%

• Arrg (Troll) 17.5%

These four bosses all give extra XP per hit. If you are training melee or magic, you should always make sure to have these four selected. These bosses are also known as boosting bosses.

How to choose which bosses to do in NMZ

Depending on which stat you are training, you will need to switch up your line up. Certain bosses have higher defensive stats versus certain attack types. The most notable one is the Ice Troll King, who has an exceptionally high ranged defence. Apart from that, make sure always to select the four best NMZ bosses to train on, as mentioned above, and accompany them with as many other melee bosses as possible.

Which bosses to avoid in NMZ

NMZ is so coveted because of the mini-games’ incredible AFK-ness, combined with the crazy XP per hour one can reach. However, while there is a list for the best NMZ bosses to train, there is also a list for the worst NMZ zone bosses. Before we get into the list, let’s take a look at what is considered a bad NMZ boss.

• Bosses that aren’t melee

• Bosses that disrupt the AFK-ness of the mini-game

• Bosses that require specific items to damage

• Bosses that drain your stats

• Bosses that have high mitigation and therefore, are hard to damage

It is the list of the bosses you should avoid in NMZ

– Corrupt Lizardman takes the #1 spot on this list. This boss can hit through our absorption potions, in turn, making the game impossible to AFK and disrupting the best methods of training

– Elvarg and Glod are in the same category. They both decrease our stats, making our XP per hour go down significantly. Elvarg drains stats and Glod drains our prayer

– Slagilith, Chronozon, and Tanglefoot require items to be killed, pickaxes, blast spells, and magic secateurs.

– Dagannoth mother is the hardest boss to damage, which is bad for high XP runs

– Agrith Naar teleports you around, thus disrupting the combat

To accompany that, we have a list of NMZ bosses that are amazing for points but tricky to engage

These bosses have some undesirable mechanics. However, if you are going for absolute maximum points and are not AFK-ing, you should activate them.

– Gelatinnoth Mother is similar to the Dagannoth mother it’s tough to damage

– Flambeed takes your armour off, decreasing your efficiency

– Karamel interrupts you during combat

– Barrelchest is similar to Glod as it drains your prayer

– Fareed takes off your weapon unless you are wearing ice gloves

The conclusion to the best NMZ bosses are to train on

If you are just starting, do the five easier ones mentioned above. However, if you are a higher-level player, make sure to pick the bonus XP bosses alongside all available melee bosses. NMZ is a fantastic activity that allows for incredible power-levelling spurs.

But be wary, when starting, you will have minimal NMZ points available to you. You will have to use your resources, which means you will not be able to access the top tier XP per hour methods. Also, it can be quite costly if you aren’t doing the proper techniques.

The feeling of mastering a boss’s movements and learning how to defeat it feels great. It is a unique experience that keeps Nightmare Zone fresh no matter how long the story. If you don’t do enough time training, you might eventually get bored and mix things up, which can lead to defeat.

There is always an alternative. If you wish to get into the higher-level content of NMZ immediately, you can contact us. All you have to do is let us know how far your account is and where you want it to be. Our veteran boosters will achieve that goal for low prices. Our team at NMZTraining.com is fast and very efficient. We offer safe and hand-performed training at possibly the lowest prices available on the internet.

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