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Understanding the Most Common OSRS Combat Pures

A pure is an account that usually prioritizes a particular aspect of the game without worrying about the other aspects. This results in one ability usually being stronger than the other. This strategy is usually not worth using in the long run since this will place you at a comparative disadvantage with other players.

There are many kinds of pures especially in a game as vast as OSRS. However, we are going to talk about a combat pure and the kinds of combat pures you might expect in the game. Combat pures usually prioritize offensive stats while maintaining a lower combat level. More precisely, combat pures are accounts that usually have larger offensive than defensive stats. Overall, these kinds of accounts are usually made to create a competitive advantage in a PvP competition.

One-Defence Pure

A one-defence pure is the popular kind of combat pure accounts. Like all other common combat pure accounts, it is specifically designed for combat against other players. This pure primarily focuses on creating higher offensive stats but lower combat level. In this way, you will be inflicting higher damage in the level you are in.

For example, if you have a balanced ratio between attack and strength but a lesser amount of defence, you will create a stronger character that is competing at a lower level. If you use this account correctly, you will be destroying almost everyone in your path.

On the other hand, the primary disadvantage of this account is the lack of Rune Armor. Further, you are at a significant disadvantage against monsters. However, since this account was primarily made to fight other players, then monsters should be the least of your priorities.

These accounts are usually purchased online by people. People treat these accounts as their alternative accounts while holding their main account to progress their “original” character. This account is usually created for fun, especially in fighting lower-level players.

Defence Pure

Contrary to popular belief, a defence pure account is significantly different than a one-defence pure one. This combat pure account features a high defence level but very low attack and strength levels. You usually do not use this account for killing –like the original use of the one-defence account. They buff up their defence to annoy their opponent to throw the game.

Most accounts like these are not done for any motive other than pride. People usually use this account merely just for fun. Since these accounts usually lack significant attack and strength capabilities, it is easier to attack it.

Rune Pure

Rune pure are usually used to avail of the armour that is locked in other levels. They attempt to reach this goal by maxing out the defence capabilities to open other armour. However, this pure also forces users to let go of their combat activity.

This pure is usually used for people wanting a competitive advantage in defence and durability. It would be more difficult to attack you because of the advance level of weaponry you have on you. However, you also lack the strength to fight them. Thus, this pure is usually disregarded for stronger pures like the Berserker pure or the Void pure.

13 Defence Pure

This type of account is black pure primarily to gain better defensive gear. However, the user needs to trade-of a little amount of offence to achieve this pure. Most people that avail of this pure did not train to do so. Rather, they completed a subquest called Nature Spirit, providing them more XP.

Gamers would usually take subquests like these to attain certain equipment usually not seen in other quests. Thus, intentionally buff up one part of their character at the expense of a more balanced ability.

Obsidian Pure

This account focuses on keeping the attack and defence level as low as possible while maintaining a higher strength level [60 strength]. This setup will significantly lower your combat level than a regular one-defence pure.

The main downside of using this pure is the duration it takes to train. However, this account will significantly make your grind easier and more efficient.

Initiate Pure

The initiate pure uses the prayer and defence bonuses to provide a more efficient time in training and combat. This pure usually has 20 defence level for a better armour. Thus, you will be more effective during battle through magic bonuses.

Berserker Pure

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This is another of the many popular pures out there. This pure primarily focuses on providing you with a Berserker helm. This helm will provide you with better stats and more XP points. Many gamers favour this kind of pure because of its ability to finish all subquests to attain more equipment for yourself.

This pure is one of the pures most convincing for P2P competition. This pure will provide you with the necessary equipment to gain more equipment for yourself. If you are looking for a pure to use next, this is worth considering.

There are many more combat pures worth mentioning and checking out. However, we tried to show you the most popular combat pures. They all show their advantages and disadvantages; each pure is worth giving a shot. However, if there is one thing you will learn in seeing these pures, it is that fact that you are giving up something for something else.

Thus, selecting a pure for you will primarily depend on your personal preference. Try to find an ability that you can do without for a significant buff in a more important aspect. Also, take note that there are many more pures worth checking out that have their own separate purpose. Nevertheless, the beauty of knowing these pures is trying them out for yourself. Good luck!