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Top 5 Phishing Scams You’ll Come Across While Playing RuneScape

Nowadays, phishing is becoming an increasingly large issue. This is a well-known cybercrime where a target is contacted directly by someone else pretending to be legitimate to lure them into providing sensitive data such as their identity or bank details. If you fall for this scam, you will generally lose money, or worse, have your identity stolen.

This isn’t necessarily limited to the real world; this can also happen in-game. And RuneScape has been seeing a few phishing scams over the years. This is why if you plan to play, you should be aware of what these scams may be. Some of the most popular and often seen ones are listed below.

Phishing Ads/Websites

You should know this already, but you should never enter your login details on any website except the official RuneScape website. This is why checking the URL is necessary before logging in. And, if you end up logging in through the wrong website, expect that you will be contacted by people posing as Jagex employees and tell you that they’re either considering you as a moderator or banning your account.

osrs scams

Phishing Streams on Twitch

With Twitch becoming more popular, the links you can find on discussions, captions, or the chat is a great avenue for scammers to reach you. While some of these streamers impersonate larger OSRS official channels, it is important to check the streamer’s username carefully and not trust and click random links on the site.

Phishing Password Resets through Emails

Some phishers will craft emails and make them appear genuine by impersonating RuneScape. These emails will generally ask you to change your password as soon as possible to make sure it doesn’t expire. These emails will trick you into entering your Login details, and if you do, you effectively give them access to your account information.

Fake RuneLite Client

RuneLite is a free, popular, open-source, super-fast, and supported by Jagex. It allows you to play RuneScape, and it is safe to use, which makes it a prime target for phishing scams. These scams pretend to be the actual RuneLite client, and logging into them will usually give your information directly to the scammers, and you know what happens when this happens.

Leaked Databases and Real World Trading Scams

This is something more difficult to deal with. This scam is centered on hackers mining for your RuneScape player information through different leaked databases. This gives them access to your email address and a perfect target for classic phishing techniques.

The main reason these scams work is usually because of your natural response to these things. This is why it’s important to take extra precautions and be wary of the different things that you may encounter while you’re browsing the internet, including when playing RuneScape. With phishers are getting smarter and smarter each day, you need to keep up and stay informed to ensure that you protect your account and information from these scams. Stay safe out there!