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The Top 10 things to do in RuneScape 3 Mobile

The Runescape 3 Mobile Beta was recently released! Here is a list of the top ten things to do while training your account efficiently and with ease on RS3 Mobile.

#10: Fire-making through Bonfires.

Bonfires are by far the best method to use while training Fire-making. What makes this so great is the ability to complete an entire inventory by simply clicking once.

Requirements: None

#9: Bank Standing Skills

Any bank standing skill can easily be trained on RS3 Mobile if it can be done via tapping the screen. (E.g. cutting gemstones, fletching logs) What makes this so delightful is that you can get in those much-needed gains when you’re away from the computer. Depending on the current prices of materials you can also make a lot of money while doing this on RS3 Mobile. Most bank standing skills do require you to have some OSRS gold already. If you don’t have enough, you can easily and safely buy OSRS gold through our easy to use website.

Requirements: None

#8: Prifddinas Thieving Elven Clan Workers

Thieving Elven clan workers can be done simply by clicking on the Elven clan workers. The started rate for experience per hour is 300,000. At 99+ Thieving skill, you can expect to gain up to 350,000 experience per hour.


• 91+ Thieving
• completion of “Plague’s End” to access Prifddinas.

#7: Aggression Potion Combat Training

When drinking an aggression potion, all NPC monsters in an 8×8 radius to you become aggressive towards your character. The aggression potion stays active for approximately 6.4 minutes. Using these potions in combination with the Level 92 prayer Soul Split, can gain massive amounts of combat experience per hour. The best location to do this for experience is in the Runecrafting Abyss in the wilderness. The wilderness is a dangerous PVP location so remember to not bring more than you can afford losing. If you would rather gain profit while obtaining slightly lower experience per hour, you can head to the slayer tower. Once at the Slayer tower you can kill Abyssal Demons which have a very good drop table. Note: You must have 85+ in the Slayer skill to kill Abyssal Demons.


• 90+ Combat stats
• 92+ Prayer
• Completion of the “The Temple at Senntisten” quest.

#6: Safe-Cracking in the Wilderness

Safe-cracking can be done mostly away-from-keyboard and can be done while on RS3 mobile with ease. You never have to bank so therefore you can stay here forever. Be careful though, this area is in the wilderness and you should never bring any wealth or items that you are not willing to lose. The experience rates here are staggering, scaling up to 500,000 experience per hour. This is one of the best Thieving training methods in all of RuneScape 3.


• Completion of all the available capers in the Thieving Guild
• 90+ Thieving

#5: Deep-Sea Fishing Magnetic Minnows

What makes this so great for RuneScape 3 is how AFK and easy it is to train. The experience rates are excellent, and you never have to bank. The base starting experience is 60,000-100,000 experience per hour scaling up to 330,000 experience per hour.


• Level 68 Fishing

#4: Prifddinas Harps

Training your crafting at Prifddinas is the diamond of training the crafting skill while on RS3 mobile. Starting at level 75 crafting you can expect 35,000 per hour. At 99 crafting you will get approximately 56,000 experience per hour. This makes Prifddinas amazing for those who wish to train crafting on RS3 Mobile for free.


• Level 75 Crafting
• Completion of the “Plagues End” quest to access Prifddinas.

#3: Woodcutting Ivy or Crystal Trees

Reason: Woodcutting Ivy or Crystal trees are the bread and butter of training woodcutting through RS3 mobile. Your inventory never fills with logs, so you can do this for many hours at a time without moving ever or leaving the area for banking. A player with a woodcutting level of 68 can expect to gain 65,000 experience per hour using a Dragon Hatchet. At 99 woodcutting you will get on average 81,000 woodcutting experience per hour using a crystal hatchet while cutting Ivy. Woodcutting crystal trees requires 94 woodcutting and can be boosted. On average you will obtain 92,000 experience per hour scaling up to 110,000 experience per hour when you are 99 Woodcutting.


• Level 68 Woodcutting for Ivy
• Level 94+ Woodcutting for Crystal Trees (Requires the use of a Crystal hatchet)

#2: Runespan Runecrafting

Reason: The long hours of grinding Runecrafting on the web version of RuneScape 3 can be a disheartening task. RS3 mobile offers a great opportunity to get those dreaded Runecrafting levels when you don’t have time to train your account on the computer. It is very AFK and you can start at any level and continue this method all the way to Level 120 efficiently. At 85+ Runecrafting you can expect to get 93,000 experience per hour. With 95+ Runecrafting you can expect to obtain up to 115,000 experience per hour. If you do D&D’s such as the yellow wizard you can boost the experience per hour slightly more.

Requirements: None

#1: Mining

Reason: Mining recently went through a massive overhaul on October 30th, 2018, which has changed how the skill works. You can now train Mining by just clicking on the ore deposit, without your inventory filling with ores, which saves you the hassle of having to make room. This makes mining extremely easy on mobile due to being able to mine forever without having to bank your assets.

Requirements: None

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