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Quick Course on Effectively Reaching Level 99 Agility on RuneScape

Historically, agility is the most hated skill in Old School RuneScape. But despite this, achieving level 99 agility is very helpful. Here is a quick run-through of why you need it and how to level it up.

The main reason you want to level up agility is how beneficial it is for every other aspect of OSRS. This will help you restore run energy faster, with level 99 cutting the time by 67%. This makes almost every other in-game tasks much easier to do, especially map navigation. This makes maxing agility something you want to do earlier in your playthrough.

A popular option for you to do this in the early game is fishing via Barbarian Fishing, and this method gives you both agility and strength. This may be a more passive option to level up your agility, but this is very tedious work and will not get you Marks of Graces. While the returns you can get from this method are valuable, it should take you twice as long as the usual method to reach a certain level. And, if you want to reach level 99 faster, here is how you do it.

Level 1-10: Gone Stronghold Course

Gone Stronghold

This is a basic entry-level agility course. With an average of 8k Agility rate per hour, you can get 86.5 experience per lap you complete. You’ll need 14 laps to reach level 10 using this method.

Level 10-30: Draynor Rooftop Course.

Draynor Village Rooftop Course

This is the first rooftop course available, and you’ll begin collecting Marks of Grace here. This course has better XP per hour than the previous course, and you’ll earn up to 10k XP per hour in this course. From level 10, you’ll get to level 30 after 102 laps, with 120 XP yields after each lap.

Level 30 – 40: Varrock Rooftop Course

Varrock Rooftop Course

Transfer here immediately after 30. Each lap will give you around 248 XP, meaning 101 laps are all you need to reach level 40. However, this is still less yield than the fishing method compared to most other level 30 grinding methods.

Level 40 – 52: Canifis Rooftop Course

Canifis Rooftop Course

Aside from the increased XP per hour you’ll get, the best part about this course is its length. This means you will get more Marks of Grace, which makes these courses worth grinding. This course will give you up to 19k XP per hour, with each lap giving you 240 XP after completion. It will take around 361 laps to get to level 52 using this course.

Level 52 – 60: Wilderness Agility Course

Wilderness Agility Course

The XP rates here are exponentially better than the previous ones. You can expect around 30k XP yield per hour in this course, up to 45k if you have zero failure rates. Each lap gives 571 XP but will still take 261 laps to get you to level 60. You may choose to transfer here at level 47, but it’s recommended that you acquire the entire Graceful outfit first.

Level 60 – 90: Seer’s Village Rooftop Course

Seer’s Village Rooftop Course

At this point, rates are more similar to other skills at this level. XP rates at this course are around 40k-60k XP per hour. This is where the real grinding starts, and it should take you around 8,900 laps to reach level 90, with each run giving you 570 XP. This will take some time to finish, but it’s worth it.

Level 90 – 99: Ardougne Rooftop Course

Ardougne Rooftop Course

This rooftop course yields 739 XP per lap but will still take 9,695 runs to get you to level 99 from level 90. In all honesty, this is the final and most grueling grind, but since you’ve already come this far, what’s a few more days of grinding, right?