5 tips for creating wealth and increasing your OSRS gold stack


1. Research before spending OSRS gold

I will be the first one to admit losing an enormous amount of OSRS, throughout my RS3 and OSRS career due to mistakes. My most memorable one was the “toad legs” incident. I bought over 10.000 toads from the GE with the intention of picking their legs and reselling them. However, I never got around to that, as there was no real market need for them. My first tip is to research the endeavor you are about to embark upon. Whether it is flipping items, investing in something or in yourself. OSRS has a unique economy based upon supply and demand. A deal can look good on paper by looking at the GE prices, however if there is no real demand for it, it won’t work.

Making your OSRS gold back is guaranteed to take longer than spending 10-15 minutes research. There are various sites and YouTube videos that can provide any and all information you seek. Chances are, someone has already gone down that rabbit hole before you and knows exactly what the outcome is!

As a bonus tip...

Make sure to check the date on YouTube videos , some date back to 2014/15 when the economy was very different. When new methods of materials entering the game are introduced, the economy of the game and the value of OSRS gold changes.

2. Think before selling/buying

This tip is primarily focused on newer updates and rare items. When the game introduces new features, which reward different and newer items, the prices of those items are very volatile. A brand-new item prices are dictated, not by supply and demand, but by how much someone wants that specific item. Which means that something worth 1 million OSRS gold at introduction, can be worth 1 billion after a month or two. On the other hand, it can be worth as little as 500 GP.

There is a clear-cut way to see how much an item’s potential worth is!

If you start an activity and get that item within the first 60 minutes of killing a certain mob/ doing a certain boss. Continue that activity for the next 2-3 hours. If the drop occurs again, chances are that that item is not worth that much and you should sell it as soon as possible for the highest available price. As more people start farming that item, which drops twice within a 3-5h period, that price will plateau very quickly. On the other hand, if you don't receive another drop, it might be smart to wait a day or two before selling. Chances are good that the prices will continue rising in the near future.

Disclaimer: This tip is only for the new items that come with updates, other items currently in the game have an established economy around them.

3. Risk management

A very important factor in keeping your OSRS Gold is how well you manage your risks in the game. This includes everything from staking to purchasing materials to doing high-end quests to doing Pking. The amount of OSRS gold and items left on the floor of our amazing game is staggering. If you are uncertain how an activity will pan out, chances are you shouldn't do it. On top of that, you aren't sure how a boss fight will go, you shouldn't take your best gear inside, but go with a little bit of a reserve.

Follow these very simple rules:

If you cannot buy your items twice over, you shouldn't risk them
If you don't know how a fight will go, don't risk your best gear

Unless you are certain that a craft can make you money or make you stronger, don't start crafting!

Many people throw caution in the wind and end up losing most of their belongings. Gielinor is as deadly as it is fun, and it's fun! Losing your prized possessions in OSRS or your OSRS gold can be a devastating blow to your future within the game. The largest percentage of people that stop playing this game are for this reason exactly, they lost it all.

4. Investments first

The most important investment you can make, is in yourself. This is very much true for our real lives, however, it is also true for our in-game characters. Advancements in stats and gear in OSRS are permanent. This is an incredible incentive to continuously invest and further develop your character. Any amount of money placed into your character have the ability to pay tenfold dividends.

That's why when starting to earn OSRS Gold and items, think of how you can increase your earning potential. This is not exclusive to skills; this also applies to your OSRS knowledge. You should always be prepared to sacrifice short term gains for long term stability!