Everything You Need To Know About Runescape Bonds


Runescape bonds, you’ve probably heard about them already. You can buy Runescape bonds with real money and sell these bonds in-game for Runescape gold or exchange the bonds for Runescape membership. Bonds were released back in 2015 on the 30th of March. Because bonds were introduced to the game, it was no longer required to pay real money for Runescape membership, but instead you can make Runescape gold in-game and buy membership with the gold by buying bonds on the Grand Exchange and exchanging them for membership.

At the time this article was written a Runescape bond is worth $6.99 and approximately 3 million Runescape gold. This means that you can get 14 days of membership for approximately $7 or 3M GP. The more bonds you exchange for membership, the more membership days you’ll receive. When you redeem two bonds you’ll get a 1 day membership bonus, and when you redeem 3 bonds you’ll get a 3 day membership bonus. Bonds are tradeable when you buy them with real money, but as soon as you buy the bond from another player or sell the bond to another player the bond becomes untradeable. You can pay 10% of the bond price in order to make the bond tradeable again, so you’d have to pay around 300k GP. You can also choose to exchange your bond for a name change, but you can also simply do this in the account settings on the Runescape website, so it’s not mandatory to use a bond.

You cannot lose bonds on death, so even when you’re deep in the wilderness and you get killed, you won’t lose your bond. Bonds can be traded to ironmen but you have to use the bond on the ironmen in order to give it to him, since ironmen cannot use the trade screen. You can only obtain bonds by buying them with real money or buying them in-game from the Grand Exchange or from another player. There are no monsters that drop bonds or any other ways to obtain bonds.