What is RuneLite and how does it work?


RuneLite is just like RSBuddy a free client for Runescape that gives you a lot of extra features which can be very useful when you’re playing Runescape. RuneLite is an open-source client unlike RSBuddy, meaning everyone has access to the source code and everyone can contribute to the source code and developers can help improve the client together. In general, players tend to use a client such as RuneLite because of the useful features it comes with.

Let’s go through some cool features that RuneLite comes with. It has useful overlays such as boost timers and enemy HP bars. Features like these can actually give you an advantage over players who aren’t using RuneLite or another client, because for example when you’re player killing you can see much clearer how much hitpoints your enemy has, which allows you to time your special attacks better resulting in quicker and easier kills. The boost timers can help you remind drinking your potions, so throughout all the chaos you can see very quickly how long your potions last and know immediately when you need to drink a new one without having to look at your stats. You can see your attack style on the screen, so no more accidental level 1 to 2 defence level-ups for pures. When runecrafting the minimap has icons and points you where to go. RuneLite highlights fishing spots so you know where to catch what fish without having to figure out yourself. You can use chat commands to quickly look up prices and levels, which can save you a lot of time. There are more options when it comes to the graphics of your game and you can even zoom past the default limit. You don’t have to google or solve puzzle boxes yourself anymore, as RuneLite simply tells you where to click in order to solve the puzzle. There are much more features such as: prayer reordering, npc tagging, daily task indicators, shift click configuration, bank tags, farming tracker, death indicator, inventory tags, inventory viewer, prayer bar overlay, in-client grand exchange lookup, and much more features!

Clearly, you can get some good advantages using RuneLite and with this client it can make the gameplay of Runescape a lot easier too, so there’s basically not one good reason to not use a client such as RuneLite. It’s also very simply to use, the download is very quick and all you need to do after the download is, nothing! You just login and jump in to the world of Runescape right away!