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OSRS Staking Guide 2021

Hello, and welcome to our guide for Old School RuneScape staking! This guide will grant you a comprehensive overview of the current state of staking in OSRS. All the information presented here will be entirely up to date and accurate. In case you were unaware, stakes are usually done with Abyssal Whips and no other items between maxed melee combat players. Occasionally players opt to use dragon daggers due to their special attacks. Neither of these options allows the usage of food, prayer, potions, or any gear.

Staking at duel arena is probably one of the best experiences in RuneScape. It is safe to say that these techniques are the most convenient and fastest way to earn plenty of money. Although some passionate gamers prefer to work hard and grind for their virtual items, most smart players use the duel arena to try their luck with a dream of getting the highest cash stack. We are 100 sure that you are here because you’re one of them.

Nevertheless, always keep in mind that aiming for the fat money stacks is a lot more complicated. The most crucial aspect of this strategy is luck. You can be the most professional and smartest player, but you will always end up empty-handed without some success. According to some users, they do not rely on stakes since it is entirely out of their control. However, several players are still doing it since its randomness makes the game more exciting.

How to Stake at RuneScape?

If you want some expert tips, our advice is never to double up or increase your bet if you are in a losing streak. You might feel like you’ll have a better chance of winning on your 10th loss. But in reality, all stakes are 50/50. Stop using gamblers’ fallacy or believing that if you lose more frequently this period, you will experience it less on your next try.

Plus, do not bet an amount that you cannot afford. Thus, if you plan to double up your bet, but your budget is not enough, stepping away from it would be better. We don’t want you to lose all of your money and get cleaned out. Imagine that you have 100,000 dollars. If you continue doubling your losses starting with 10,000, chances are your winnings are much lower than your lost money. In short, never double up your bet.

There is no doubt that sustained combat, high rewards, and competitiveness attract hundreds of players to stake. However, if you are still a RuneScape beginner, you have to understand the dual arena first.

What Is Duel Arena?

Duel arena takes place at Al Kharid. If you want to visit it, simply pass the Lumbridge gate and follow the west path. However, you must pay ten coins as a toll to the guards if you still haven’t completed the Prince Ali Rescue quest. If you have accomplished the said mission, you can get through the Lumbridge gate free of charge.

According to our research, you can also reach the duel arena by travelling through Varrock. You will notice a gap in South Varrock’s fence, and you have to enter the desert near this area.

What Are the Duel Arena Rules?

Duel Arena rules

Duel Arena is a 100% safe place where you will have no penalties if ever your character dies. You will only end up in the arena’s hospital as nothing happened. Once you have strolled the area, you will meet Mubariz, an NPC that will provide you with some information about the location.

If you want to try battling, you can challenge your fellow gamer. All you have to do is to right-click on a character and press challenge. Once the player accepts your request, the duel will start. Keep in mind that the duel arena does not require a level, gear, or even quests. You can use it as soon as you have accomplished your tasks at Tutorial Island.

If you want to have a customized rule, you and your opponent can modify the settings until both of you are satisfied. If it’s your first time at the duel area, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the rules so your opponents cannot trick you.

Does My Attack Style Matter?

Your attack style matters, and it can improve your odds marginally, which makes a significant impact if you do hundreds of stakes. While you may think attack styles are useless and are only for choosing what skill you experience, they provide invisible stat bonuses.

Deflect: using this style grants you a +3 defence.

Lash: this style adds +1 attack, +1 strength and +1 defense.

Flick: this style adds +3 attack, which makes you incredibly accurate.

The strength bonus provided by the lash style is meaningless. Strength only increases your max hit to a limit, not very useful if you are already 99 strength.

So, how do we use these attack styles to increase our chances when duelling? When you’re about to attack, use flick for that all important accuracy. Even if you’re both about to strike at the same time, use flick. When you’ve landed your hit and are about to be hit yourself, use ‘deflect’ to minimize any damage you may receive. These two rules will ensure you have the best odds, even if it’s down to a few percentage points: it is meaningful in the long-run. It is some of the best advice from our OSRS staking guide.

What Is Odds Staking?

Previously, odds staking was a huge problem but unknown to the majority of the players. It was also referred to as ‘X-staking.’ To further understand this, let’s take a look at an example. Assuming two players are staking, one with all 99s, and the second player with all 99s except 98 defence. The 99 defence player wants to stake for 10 million GP. The 98-defence player puts up a stake for 9 million GP due to lacking a defence level. While we won’t go into the exact maths and formulas here, the lacking of 1 defence level does not make a 10% difference, and most players don’t understand this. The stake should be 10 million to 9.8 million, or something similar to that.

Fortunately, odds staking is no longer an issue in official stakes. Jagex only allows stakes to have a value of (plus or minus) 10k GP between each other. Also, with this update, they introduced a tax to all stakes. If you stake between 1 GP to less than 10 million GP, you are taxed at 0.25%. Ten million GP to less than 100 million GP is staked at 0.50%. One hundred million GP or higher are taxed at a staggering 1.00%. The sole purpose of this taxation is to act as a gold sink – to remove gold from the economy and reduce inflation. As a result, trillions are removed from the game every day, to counter-balance shops and high alchemy introducing GP in.

You may be wondering: high, you’ve told me all this, but it isn’t relevant today? And that’s where you are wrong. Many people will try to scam you through this but through unofficial means. There are underground stakers who do these stakes by actually submitting nothing through the stake interface. They use mediators and clans to do these stakes to avoid taxation, mean both parties trade the GP to a ranked mediator. It is not recommended to participate in this whatsoever unless you exactly know what you are doing, and if you do, don’t fall for odds staking.

What Should I Avoid?

There’s only one thing to be avoided, and that is being scammed. For this, ensure to triple-check your opponent’s inventory alongside the duel settings chosen. For example, if you aren’t vigilant, your opponent may bring in a Ghrazi Rapier in their list and leave the ‘no weapon switch’ option disabled.

Another common scam is with a Maple Shortbow, and there are more variants than you can count. You should not engage in stakes that you do not have a full understanding of. Your opponent may provide you with rune arrows to stake with. However, the Maple Shortbow cannot fire rune arrows. In this case, they’d either have adamant arrows for themselves or rune arrows themselves but with a Toxic Blowpipe with the ‘no weapon switch’ enabled. Despite the setting, they can empty the Toxic Blowpipe and use the darts to kill you.

How to Rent a Maxed Main?

If you currently don’t have a maxed main to stake on (99 att, 99 str, 99 def), you can rent an OSRS maxed main from our shop. It only costs around 8m an hour and will allow you to stake on one of our accounts. If you are interested, all you need to do is contact live chat, and they will instruct you on what needs to be done!

Always be careful and ensure to follow the tips in our OSRS staking guide, and most importantly, have fun!

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