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In Runescape, mining is one of the most popular parts of the game because of the ease it offers players with earning OSRS gold. It’s an afkable strategy, letting users mine ore, producing gems.

This OSRS Mining Guide for Runescape gives you the best mining strategies for the highest returns in Runescape.

How Do I Start Mining In Runescape?

Starting with mining OSRS training requires you to purchase a pickaxe and locate a mine. New players get a bronze pickaxe on the tutorial island, and you won’t have to spend any gold on it.

To find a mine, you’ll locate a grey pickaxe icon on the map. If the icon is gold, it’s a mining shop, not a mine. After finding your mine and entering it, left-click on mineable rocks and wait to obtain ore or gemstones.

To find mineable rocks, right-click on them and select the “Prospect Rocks” button. One of the interesting things regarding the OSRS Mining Guide mostly bases itself on player luck, not something you often find in OSRS.

You’ll eventually mine the contents of the rock, but it might take anywhere from eight to 20-hits with the pickaxe to reveal the hidden reward. So, the better your equipment, the better your gaming experience on Runescape.

Choosing Your Mining Equipment

Smithing won’t help you produce a pickaxe. You’ll need to purchase OSRS gold and use it to buy a pickaxe from Tati in Keldagrim or Nurmof at the Dwarven Mine.

The better your mining level, the more options you have with your pickaxe. The best models are the 3rd Age Pickaxe and the Dragon Pickaxe. However, they are only available after level 61. Both these pickaxes offer exceptional performance when mining.

If you use a smoldering stone with the dragon pickaxe, you create the “Infernal pickaxe,” but it only manifests if you have at least 85 Smithing. However, the Infernal pickaxe is a must for players that are power-leveling and need the fastest XP.

The Infernal pickaxe smelts a third of all ores mined, reducing the rock you need to drop.

Most newcomers will begin with the Iron pickaxe. They’ll progress to the Steel model at level 6, then to the Black Pickaxe on level 11. The Mithril pickaxe appears once the player reaches level 21, the Adamant on level 31, and the Rune pickaxe manifests on level 41.

It’s critical for players to use the best pickaxe available for their current player level. Wielding your pickaxe also leaves you space to collect more ore. It’s also important to note that users may only wield the pickaxe if they have the required attack level for the weapon.

The Varrock armor grants you a 10% chance of mining two ores at once when equipped. To get the armor, you’ll need to complete a set of tasks from the Achievement Diary OSRS, especially the Varrock task.

Players using pay-to-play OSRS strategies can get their prospector kit from Prospector Percy at the Motherlode mine. The prospector kit gives you a 2.5% bonus XP for each rock mined.

If you’re out in the wilderness, other players may try to raid you to get your ore. The wilderness is only suitable for players that have high-level defense scores or if you have access to Dragonhide armor and a wooden shield. Without those armaments, you won’t last long out there.

The Saradomin brew provides users with a 25% defense bonus, as well as a 15% Hitpoints boost. It’s a vital component for doing battle in the wilderness.

Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Mining XP

Users can try “Power Mining,” otherwise known as “Drop mining.” This mining strategy allows users to fill their inventory stores with ore. You drop them and repeat, saving you OSRS gold on pickaxes. However, it’s important to note that payers aren’t awarded any gold with this strategy, but it is the fastest way to earn XP.

However, players will find it annoying to empty all of their inventory, even if they’re using “Shift-click” dropping. The Al Kharid mine is the best location for power mining, offering users plenty of XP with fast returns. However, watch out for the scorpions – they’ll attack you if you have a weak combat level.

The safest mine for power mining is the Dwarven Mine, but XP from mining activities is low at this location.

Some senior players will hire runners that take ore to the bank, saving time for the miner. In return, they receive a payment.

Players mining high-level rocks like runite or adamantite will find it’s a better strategy to hop over to another world rather than waiting for rocks to respawn. However, lower-level rocks respawn quickly.

Players also have options for acquiring special skills that accelerate their mining potential. An example is the “Dwarven stout,” providing players with +1 for both Smithing and mining.