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OSRS and RS3: Two Completely Different RuneScapes

The original RuneScape game was released to the public on January 4, 2001. After 20 years, this game is understandably very different from the newer releases you can play today. Regardless, this game has seen quite a few updates since then, and it even had a spin-off version of the well-loved 2007 version. Nowadays, the debate for which RuneScape game is better probably won’t end in the near future. These two are Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and RuneScape3 (RS3). But, what exactly is the difference between these two versions of the game we know today?

OSRS is the highly requested 2007 version of the game, originally a member-only version where the player base can vote if they want updates. While it was meant only to have a few updates, most being maintenance, it became a hid, and Jagex soon made OSRS into a full game. While RS3 follows the train of updates from the original RuneScape game and is more modified, returning players may have difficulty recognizing it as the same game. However, RS3 kept a few things, most notably the iconic combat system, so picking it up again shouldn’t be too difficult.

Of course, since these two games are separate, the player base opted to compare them using five factors. These are graphics, community, combat, skilling, and interface.


In terms of graphics, RS3 wins. With the other updates RuneScape got over the years, this game became beautiful. It looks different from the OSRS, and it looks timelier too. Well, as timely as a game released in 2012 could be, at least. Regardless, RS3’s graphics is leagues away from OSRS’.


In OSRS, everyone is starting a new journey, and this means more people can join you while you grind to the end game. While in RS3, most of the players are also higher level, with a huge majority of them being maxed already, making it somewhat intimidating for new players. OSRS also has a much larger community than RS3


Since OSRS is a re-launch of a game from 2007, its combat system is the RuneScape age-old system. An absolute icon in the community. While in RS3, the system allows you to control your character more, and the players who tried it say that it is a very welcome change.


RS3’s skilling feels so much better. The experience table hasn’t changed, but the methods of obtaining skill EXP is so much better. Since RuneScape is already a very grindy game, progressing in RS3 will be easier for you than in OSRS.


OSRS interface is iconic, to say the least, while RS3’s interface is complicated and difficult for new players to understand. This can be a major barrier for new players, but since RS3 allows you to change the interface into the legacy RuneScape version, getting past this issue is easy.

Overall, there is a massive difference between the two games. They may have the same roots, but the fact is, they are two different games, and definitively concluding which one is better is subject to interpretation. After playing, you may think OSRS is better while your friend will argue otherwise. Regardless, taking time to play both games and seeing for yourself which is better is the way to go. You’ll enjoy them both either way.