barrows osrs guide

Old School Runescape Barrows Minigame Guide

In this guide we’ll tell you strategies and tips & tricks for the Barrows minigame in Old School Runescape. Before we go any further, make sure you have the following requirements:

• Completion of Priest in Peril quest.
• Must have started Nature Spirit quest.
• Level 60 in all melee stats.
• Level 50 in Ranged and Magic.
• Level 43 in Prayer.


First of all, you want to get the best equipment you can wear and afford. If your stats are just around the required levels, you want to go for defensive melee armour with as much magic bonus as possible in your other slots. This is because the Barrows brothers have a very low Magic Defence.


For the brothers Dharok, Verac, Guthan, Torag, and Karil the best weapons to use are: Trident of the swamp, Trident of the seas, Staff of the dead, and the Smoke battlestaff. If you cannot use these weapons, go for Iban’s staff, Fire bolt with the Tome of fire using Chaos gauntlets, a regular Slayer staff, or an Elemental staff.
For the Barrows brother Ahrim you want to use a Toxic blowpipe, if you cannot use a Toxic blowpipe you want to use an Armadyl crossbow, or last but not least: a Magic shortbow (i) or Rune crossbow.
Be cautious: the minigame is not a safe zone and therefore you will lose your items on death, so pick your equipment carefully!


There are two ways to setup your inventory, you can set it up for longer trips or for efficient and frequent banking trips. We’ll give you the more efficient and frequent banking inventory setup, because this is proven to be cheaper and somewhat faster. Get the following items in your inventory:

• Spade
• Barrows tablets
• Ardougne cloak (free teleport very close to an altar, useful for saving time when you only need to restore your prayer)
• Dueling ring (for the teleport to Clan Wars or fast banking at Castle Wars)
• A Prayer potion and optionally a Falador shield
• The best weaponry and armour
• Food

The tunnels


The underground tunnels consist of 9 rooms which are connected by passageways. At the center you can find the room with the chest that you’ll get your rewards from. You can only reach the chest room by one of the 4 doors connected to the room. Every time you leave the crypt the correct door to access the chest room changes and it’ll require you to solve a multiple choice puzzle in order to get access to the chest room. Below is an image with the solutions to the puzzles.


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