OSRS Prayer Leveling Guide

Old School Runescape 1-99 Prayer Leveling Guide Best Methods

In Runescape, Prayer is a very important skill. Throughout the gameplay you’ll need to use the Prayer skill a lot, so it’s safe to say that it’s essential to have a high Prayer level. While it’s essential to have a high Prayer level, it’s also very expensive to train Prayer. Prayer is actually the most expensive skill to level from 1 to 99. Therefore, we’ll show you the best methods to train your Prayer efficiently without overpaying and wasting your money.

Ensouled Heads (215K XP/HR, 64M)

The first way to train your Prayer is by reanimating ensouled heads. This method is the cheapest method out of the three methods we’ll give you. Although for this method there are some requirements: 72+ Magic level, medium-high combat stats, runes for your reanimated spell, fairy ring code, Daman/Lunar staff, weapon and armor, 60% Arceuus Favor, and a rune pouch. The reason why this method is the cheapest is because it has higher requirements in comparison to the other methods.
Teleport near the dark alter using fairy ring code CIS with a full inventory of ensouled heads. Click your reanimated spell, revive the beasts and kill them again. When your inventory is empty, head to the bank and repeat.

Chaos Altar (300-450k XP/HR, 66M)

The Chaos Altar is considered the fastest way to train your Prayer. There’s a 50% chance that you save your bone that you use on the altar, meaning you can use 50% more bones in your inventory on the altar.
Use the Burning Amulet to teleport to the Lava Maze, close to the Chaos Altar. Run to the west from the Lava Maze to the Chaos Temple and use your bones on the altar. Bring money and noted bones with you, or as soon as your inventory is empty you can choose to die to the chaos fanatic north east of the Chaos Altar so you won’t have to risk any items.

Gilded Altar (250K XP/HR, 131M)

This method doesn’t have any requirements and you won’t have to go into the wilderness. Switch to the house party world and head to the house portal in Rimmington with a pile of GP and noted bones. Just left from the portal there’s a house with a NPC in it that will unnote your bones for a small fee. At the house portal you’ll see a lot of people advertising their house, join somebody’s house that has a Gilded Altar.
When you’re inside somebody’s house with a Gilded Altar, use your bones on the Gilded Altar. You can choose to either use the bones manually for accelerated XP or automatically if you’d like to afk more. When you used all of the bones and your inventory is empty, run outside back to the NPC to unnote your bones, and repeat!