Money Making: OSRS Ironman/Hardcore Ironman Guide

“To each, their own” is the main gameplay for Ironmen. You cannot rely on your fellow adventurers; you only have yourself. That means you cannot access the Grand Exchange to trade your stuff for coins, so how will you make money on Ironman mode?

Have no fear, fellow adventurer. This guide will help you know different money-making methods you can do as an Ironman.


If you are currently a low-level Ironman, you may need to raise some important skill points to raise money easily. These will help you perform more tasks and quests easily for more coins.


This will be the most important skill you can improve early in the game. On Ironman mode, you will notice that you don’t have access to all teleports. Your best traveling buddy is your feet, and the fastest way to do that is running. A high Agility level gives you more energy to run and even better recovery.

Obtaining the Graceful Outfit early in the game is also helpful. It’s a weight-reducing gear that provides a run energy regeneration effect that helps you run around faster. This can be bought from Grace in her store, found in the Rogue’s Den beneath The Toad and Chicken in Burthorpe.


For Ironmen, this skill is the most important skill to cultivate for money-making. Training your Magic skill to level 55 will unlock the High Alchemy spell, greatly helping you in money-making.

You can alch some items and sell them in various shops for good prices, but it will get much better once you have unlocked the High Alchemy spell. It generates more profit and can be done in no time.

Fletching and Woodcutting

These skills level up pretty fast and are very useful since these are required in some quests. Fletching the highest available bow is one way to produce some decent money, along with high alching bows.


Now that you have cultivated the important skills (and maybe some other skills) to help you in money-making, there are different ways to grind for money on Ironman (and Hardcore Ironman) mode. Some need little to no requirements, and others may need certain skill levels and items so take note of those.

Collecting Bronze Chainbodies

Requirements: None

There are bronze chainbody spawns to the west of Nurmof, which can be sold to the general store, south of Nurmof. You can pick one up, hop worlds, and do it again.

It can be sold to other sellers, like at Horvik’s Armour Shop in Varrock (can be sold for 126 GP) and Wayne’s Chains in Falador (sold for 136 GP).

Collecting Steel Platebodies

Requirements: Food, 82 Agility, Slash weapon or knife

This method is widely known and is often camped out by most Ironmen, along with Player Killers. Steel platebodies—and staff of earth and a gold necklace—are spawned in the Lava Maze, located in level 40-45 wilderness.

You can find them throughout the maze, but you can also mostly find them at the center, near the muddy chest. Any knife or slash weapon is needed to cut through spiderwebs, or else you will risk getting trapped inside the maze.

Steel platebodies can be sold to general stores for 800 GP or at Harvick’s shop in Varrock for 1,200 GP. It can also be high arched for 1,200 GP.

If you are running on Hardcore Ironman mode, this is not recommended in your early levels since you will be at risk of being killed by Player Killers in the Wilderness.

Mining and Cutting Gems

Requirements: Shilo Village quest, 40 Mining, 43 Crafting, Chisel, Pickaxe

Another widely known methods for money-making on Ironman involves your Mining and Crafting skills. Completing the Shilo Village quest will allow you to enter the village and mine their gem rocks. Cut them with a chisel and sell them in Port Sarim jewelry store or any gem shop.

An easier way is to buy uncut gems from a Gem Shop, cut them, and sell them back for a fair amount of profit. You can sell different gems to other shops, but the price will depend on how much stock of certain gems they have. If the gem you are selling is low on stock in a certain shop, it can be sold for a good price.

Going Gem Shop hopping and using this method is proven to give you an average of 90,000 GP per hour (and an additional 24,000 Crafting XP per hour). However, the shops’ emeralds did not seem to replenish fast enough to sustain this method over another hour.

Thieving and Blackjacking

Requirements: at least level 20 Thieving

The easiest way to make money: get it from someone else. If you are also grinding to get a higher Thieving skill level, this method hits two birds with one stone. To get decent amounts of money, you may need to level up to 20 Thieving. The higher the Thieving skill, the more you can easily steal from stalls, Ardougne Knights, Master Farmers, and many others. You can directly get GP from them or get items you can sell at a high price, like snapdragon seed from Master Farmers.

Ardougne Knights and Master Farmers require more than just high Thieving skill. It is recommended to equip the full Rogue Equipment to get a double loot guarantee. From level 95 Thieving onwards, you can make up to around 270,000 to 280,000 GP per hour (from pickpocketing Ardougne Knights).

Blackjacking is one of the efficient Thieving training methods that can yield you a great amount of GP. At least a level 45 Thieving is recommended for a smoother Blackjacking experience and completing The Feud quest to obtain the Rogue Equipment. You can get up to 200,000 GP per hour using this method in certain bandits from level 65.


Requirements: 50 Firemaking, warm clothing

This minigame might be one of the most time-consuming methods, but this is one of the most known money-making methods for Ironmen or Hardcore Ironmen. The Wintertodt is located in the Northern Tundras at the Great Kourend.

To access Wintertodt, you need at least 50 Firemaking, a player-owned house for Construction, and complete the Druidic Ritual quest for Bruma herbs. Rounds to defeat Wintertodt lasts for about four to six minutes, depending on the world you are in. You will receive supply crates and other rewards, including GP, at the end of each round. It is estimated that you earn about 300,000 to 500,000 GP per hour, depending on your skill levels.

Agility Pyramid

Requirements: at least 30 Agility, 70+ Agility recommended

Another known minigame for money-making Ironmen is the Agility Pyramid, which can be unlocked at level 30 Agility. But if you want a higher success rate, it is recommended to go here at level 70 Agility and above.

This is an Agility training area located at the Kharidian Desert, between Sophanem and Nardah. The main goal is to successfully overcome the obstacles in the five layers of the pyramid, reach the top, and collect the Pyramid Top.

The pyramid tops can be exchanged to Simon Templeton for 10,000 GP. The top will respawn once the player enters the doorway at the top of the pyramid. You can gain up to 200,000 GP per hour through this minigame.


Requirements: at least 80 Combat, 50+ Slayer

This is said to be the “bread and butter” for every Runescape player (with a membership). Slayer gives you monsters that you normally couldn’t kill, which rewards you more GP and better equipment. At a certain, this becomes something all players must do to get key items—like the abyssal whip or dragon boots.

For Ironmen, this is a real gamble since some monsters drop a huge amount of gold while others give little to none. You can’t decide which task you are sent to, so banning the least profitable monsters is your best bet. Slaying Kurasks and Brutal black dragons may be useful on loot drops but be wary of others like the Elves or Zygomites as they are nearly worthless.