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Level 3 Ironman Skiller Starting Guide | RuneScape

So, you have heard of the Skill pure, also known as a level 3 Skiller. This primarily refers to someone who wants to level up all their other skill but keep their Combat skills at level 1. It sounds like an interesting challenge as many quests require combat of certain high damage monsters to deal with. Another additional challenge for this is doing it on Ironman mode.

Have no fear! Read on to know how you can start your Ironman Level 3 Skiller journey.


One main thing to maintain a Level 3 Skiller is to keep your Combat skills at Level 1. In Tutorial Island, there will be combat tutorials that will gain you a bit of Combat XP. If you want your Ironman account to have the lowest possible Combat XP, you can use alts, or alternate accounts, to do the combat for you.

One trick by MaulerOSRS on YouTube showed is that once you are about to combat a Giant Rat, log in to your alt and attack the Rat. As soon as your alt inflicts damage (and ultimately kills) the Giant Rat, immediately log out and go back to your main. The kill credit will register to your account and reduce the XP from 12 to 4 in your chosen melee stat. You can do the same thing again during the training bow tutorial. You can use your alt again when you cannot avoid combat encounters.

With the Magic training, you can get either of the three XP rolls: 9 XP, 7 XP, and 5 XP. While this can depend on the game’s RNG, you don’t have to worry too much since they are considerably low XPs.

Before starting your Ironman Level 3 Skiller journey, make sure to pay attention to these combat skills and not increase their XP/keep them at Level 1:

• Attack
• Strength
• Defense
• Ranged
• Prayer
• Magic

You are now transported to Lumbridge. Now what? In the Ironman mode, remember that you are self-sufficient. It is best first to bank your combat weapons and everything else you got in Tutorial Island. It is recommended to keep you equipped with a bow without any arrows with the Auto-Retaliate toggled off so you cannot automatically attack someone.

OSRS Lumbridge

To further avoid accidentally attacking and getting Combat XP, go to Options and set the attack options to hidden.

From here, you can start your Ironman Skiller journey. There are several ways to start you off; you can start by doing some money-making activities, most of which you can do by pickpocketing. This also levels up your Thieving skill along while getting you GP.

You can also start leveling up the other skills like Woodcutting, Firemaking, Cooking, and Fishing. Doing some quests and tasks also helps you in money-making and certain skill XP.

Once you have leveled up for a while, you can move on to other quests that can be completed by Skill Pures.


While many quests require combat, there are still other quests you can fulfill without getting any Combat XP. If you ever encounter monsters or NPCs that attack you, equip yourself with a ring of recoil to defeat your opponent without raising your Combat XP and food to replenish your HP.

To access the following quests, you need these certain skill levels:

• Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Runecrafting, Fletching, Slayer, and Cooking – Level 1
• Combat – Level 3
• HP, Fishing, and Herblore – Level 10
• Mining – Level 20
• Thieving – Level 25
• Hunter – Level 27
• Smithing – Level 29
• Firemaking and Farming – Level 30
• Agility – Level 32
• Construction – Level 34
• Woodcutting Level 36
• Quest Points – Level 43
• Crafting – Level 49

Here are the quests that you can complete as a Level 3 Skiller Ironman, including tips on some that require inflicting damage on monsters or other enemies:

Free-to-play quests:

• Black Knights’ Fortress
• Cook’s Assistant
• The Corsair Curse
• Demon Slayer

o This may worry you since it requires combat with the demon. You can use the rings of recoil to avoid gaining Combat XP. All you must do is make the demon attack you, and the ring will retaliate the damage back to it. The final hit does not have to be dealt with by Silverlight.
o You can also equip a berserker necklace to lessen the chance of dealing damage or gaining XP.

• Doric’s Quest
• Ernest the Chicken
• Goblin Diplomacy
• The Knight’s Sword
• Misthalin Mystery
• Pirate’s Treasure
• Prince Ali Rescue
• Romeo & Juliet
• Rune mysteries
• Shield of Arrav

o It is best if you join the Black Arm Gang. Though a level 30 weapons master must be killed, another player can help kill him for you.

• Sheep Shearer
• X Marks the Spot
Members’ quests:
• Biohazard

o Dealing any damage is not necessary, apart from using the rings of recoil to kill the Mourner.

• Bone Voyage
• Client of Kourend
• Clock Tower
• Cold War

o Exiting the cage with ice lords gives you 40 Attack XP. This is NOT required for unlocking the Penguin agility course.

• Contact!
• The Depths of Despair

o Use the rings of recoil to kill the Sand Snake.

• The Dig Site
• Druidic Ritual
• Dwarf Cannon
• Eagle’s Peak
• Elemental Workshop I

o While it is possible to use the rings of recoil to kill the Earth Elemental, you need to inflict at least one-point damage to get the ore from him.
• Enlightened Journey
• The Feud
o It is unnecessary to deal with any damage; you can use the rings of recoil to kill the Tough Guy and Bandit Champion.
• Fishing Contest
• The Forsaken Tower
• Gertrude’s Cat
• The Golem
• The Hand in the Sand
• Hazeel Cult

o Choose Hazeel’s side to prevent combat.
• Ichtlarin’s Little Helper
• Jungle Potion
• Lost City

o Killing a Dramen Tree Spirit is required. Bring a friend or use rings of recoil until the spirit is nearly dead, then inflict at least one point of damage, followed by recoiling it to death.

• The Lost Tribe
• Merlin’s Crystal
• Monk’s Friend
• Murder Mystery
• Observatory Quest

o The constellation may give Combat XP. If this happens, don’t talk to the professor.

• One Small Favour

o You can achieve this with the help of high-level friends.

• Plague City
• The Queen of Thieves
• Ratcatchers
• Recipe for Disaster

o As a skiller, you can only complete the beginning, Dwarf, General, Goblin, and Pirate Pete subquests.

• Sea Slug
• Sheep Herder
• Shilo Village
• A Tail of Two Cats
• Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
o While the rewards afterward include 5,000 Cooking and Fishing XP, you will also be rewarded 2,500 Attack and Combat XP. To avoid this, don’t talk to Tamayu.
• Tears of Guthix
o The quest itself can be completed without increasing Combat XP, but the after-quest minigame is not advised since it gives XP to your lowest skill.
• The Tourist Trap
• Tower of Life
• Tribal Totem

The way you want to take your Ironman Level 3 Skiller journey is up to you; it depends on you what skills you want to focus on leveling up, the items you want to obtain through quests and minigames, and so on. Hopefully, we have helped you to a good start in your Skiller journey through this guide!