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Introductory Guide on How To PK Effectively in RuneScape

RuneScape has stayed popular over the years and for different reasons. One of these is its Player Killing system, where two or more players engage in combat and try to kill the opposing player first. While having the right stats and gear is the most important factor to consider, knowing a few tips and tricks will make you stand out and gain respect from other players who see you fight.

PKing can be challenging, so knowing the basics is the most important thing that will help you win. These include knowing how to effectively utilize the skill sets you have regardless of the class you choose.

If you are playing a mage, having enough runes for the main spells you cast is important. Always bring five more than what you think you’ll need. Attacking a melee user while keeping your distance is where you shine, so make sure to kite your enemy well, and victory is yours for the taking.

If you are a ranger, having the right items is also important. When attacking, use fragmentation shot for the players running towards you; make sure not to bind them as this will cancel the effect. This technique should be very effective against less-experienced players.

As for warriors, PKing other players from your class will be very satisfying; just make sure not to attack strength pures as this won’t be easy. Keeping them binded will also be a very good idea and help you whittle them down faster.

Of course, not everyone is into this mechanic, but with the game’s large player base, some have trained in PVP worlds. These are worlds everyone can go to and train, skill, make money, etc., but the risk of dying is magnified. So, whether you go here to fight other players or you, unfortunately, find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, knowing how to fight is important.

Besides being prepared, knowing the game, optimizing your stats and gears for PKing, here are five things that will help you win – or at least survive – your next fight.

1. Make sure to have a telegram spell ready. You’ll never know when you’ll need it while you’re in combat. As for mages or wizards, using ensnare magic should be enough.

2. Avoid eating during fights. If you eat while fighting, you may end up just wasting the food. Eat them while running instead, when it’s more difficult for your enemy to catch you.

3. Have your teleport spell ready in case you get into real trouble. Remember that there are teleport restrictions before level 20 Wilderness. If you can’t teleport, keep running for 10 seconds while spamming the log-out button instead.

4. Make use of a bait RuneScape player and let him run in the wilderness where there are PKers. After they attack your player, you’ll get more spoils from them because of the skull.

5. Having friends with you will also help in winning these fights. After all, PVP’s isn’t necessarily a 1v1. Make a good team with friends you trust consisting of a good mix of mages, rangers, and warriors to ensure victory for your group.

Of course, these tips can only get you so far. Making sure to get the best stats and items is still the most important factor in these fights. Regardless, knowing these tips will definitely help.