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How To Buy Runescape Accounts Safely

Are you thinking of buying a RuneScape account? If so, then you are in the right place. Mostly these accounts are slightly pricey. But with a bit of investigation, you will surely find a reasonable deal. On this website, you are going to learn how to buy RuneScape accounts safely.

Over the years, RuneScape has continued dominating the industry and multiple countries. It is a browser-based game so everyone can easily access the online RPG. This video game features a combat system that helps players defeat monsters o complete quests and dropped items.

The combat level indicates how influential a user is in the battle. Thus, several gamers are willing to spend some bucks only to reach a higher level. Once you buy a RuneScape account, you don’t have to worry about engaging in several combats for several hours to get out of the newbie phase.

Everyone knows that RuneScape is a delightful online fantasy RPG. You can, of course, buy several items and spend a fortune in other RuneScape stuff. However, it’s hard to stumble upon a safe site that sells account. If you have been searching for a while now, you would know that several RuneScape players sell their accounts in different gaming-focused auction sites like eBay and Reddit.

You will often encounter sellers asking for three to five pounds, but sometimes, the price goes up to £100 or even £300.

Why should I buy a RuneScape account?

Nowadays, several gamers are buying RuneScape accounts since they take plenty of hard work, time, and patience. Many players out there have decided to take a shortcut and buy online. There is no doubt that RuneScape is one of the best RPG nowadays. It has over 300 million accounts and has been recognized as the world’s most extensive and most updated free MMORPG brand.

Nevertheless, buying RuneScape accounts can be risky. RuneScape’s black market is full of people who’re trying to make some quick cash by scamming people with RuneScape accounts. The reason why buying RuneScape accounts is so risky and sensitive for scamming is because it’s effortless for people to recover an account they’ve sold. Most of the time, they’ll let you play on the account for a while and then retrieve it out of the blue to make you think that your account has been hacked by someone else. After months of playing on the account or after a year, they can still recover the account. It is beneficial to them because they get their account back along with months of hard work and training from the person they’ve scammed. They can resell the account for even more money due to the higher stats. That’s why it’s essential to safely buy RuneScape accounts, so you won’t have to deal with losing your account, money, and months of progress.

If you want to savour the advantages of a dominant RuneScape player, you must go ahead and buy one of our secure RuneScape accounts. With our secured platform, you can guarantee that your money will not go to waste. Plus, purchasing our RuneScape accounts that have already been established can immediately get you a powerful kickstart. Let’s face it: RuneScape is more than just a game. It has been warped into the best platform to shows your skills to the world.

Continue reading if you’d like to know more about buying RuneScape accounts safely.

What should I pay attention to when buying a RuneScape account?

First of all, you want to know who you’re buying an account from. Is the seller independent, is it a company, how long have they been in business, do they have a positive reputation and feedback, do players train the accounts by hand, are they the original owner of the product, etc. These points can be critical. For example, you shouldn’t trust an independent seller that has been in business for a short amount of time with little to no positive feedback. It will help if you think twice before buying an account from a seller who isn’t the original owner because this will increase the risk of account recovery.

When you’re buying from a well-established business that trains their accounts by hand and are the original owners, you can be pretty sure that you’re safe. The most danger comes from “one-time” sellers, which are people that randomly try to sell a single RuneScape account for sometimes an attractive price. They’ve got nothing to lose compared to people who seriously sell accounts in large amounts because they’re making a living off it, and their business and job are at stake if they attempt to recover an account.

When you’re buying a RuneScape account, you want to make sure you receive all the information you need, such as ISP, the IP address the account was created on, the date of when the account was created, all previous passwords, answers to recovery questions, payment methods used to buy a membership, etc. It’s essential to know this information to have full ownership over the account and to be able to recover the account whenever it’s needed.

Where can I buy RuneScape accounts safely?

When purchasing a RuneScape account, always make time to do your research. Search for online forums, read what other people say about the seller, and consider their stories as lessons. If you have clocked a great deal during your research, make time to look for reviews. Some people immediately grab the offers and end getting ripped off. The problem with several sites is that no experts are monitoring the transactions.

Everyone knows that plenty of customers have experienced horrifying stories after paying a nice amount of money and never receiving their RuneScape account. Of course, not all eBay sellers are scammers, but with hundreds of listings, you will have a hard time picking a genuine one.

Based on some RuneScape players, several countries, such as Venezuela, have heavy real-world trading. They use bots and third-world country workers to mass manufacture fake RuneScape accounts. But on this website, you will only access hand-trained ones created in this country. This way, no one can effortlessly access the accounts except the users.

The best place to buy a RuneScape account is from a very trusted, well known, and established business. You need to be able to guarantee that whoever is selling you the product won’t recover the account or try to scam you in any other way. You can only guarantee that to yourself by buying from a very trusted vendor with a positive reputation like ourselves.

We’ve been in this business for a very long time and have years of experience and the needed critical knowledge when it comes to account selling. We offer a wide variety of RuneScape accounts. We’ve both RuneScape 3 accounts for sale, and Old School RuneScape accounts for sale. All accounts that we’ve for sale are trained by hand by our team, and we never use any form of botting or macroing software on the products, so you don’t have to worry about an account getting banned for botting or marked as a botter.

When you buy an account from NMZTraining, we make sure you get all the critical information that you need to gain full control over the account. If something would happen to the account, you can recover it with the information that we provide you with. However, we’ve never experienced a customer that lost his account due to security flaws coming from our side or in general.

We are very serious when it comes to security, safety, and discreteness. No one will know that you’ve bought an account because we follow strict guidelines when creating and training our accounts to guarantee a secure, safe, and discrete process.


In this platform, it is super easy and safe to buy RuneScape accounts. We have filtered all accounts to ensure that you can enjoy your game smoothly and hassle-free. Over the years, our company’s primary goal is to help our customers become a more influential player without spending plenty of time levelling up your account. For your safety, we recommend you to buy here instead of going on eBay.

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