how to make a maxed zerker

How to Build a Max Zerker Pure | Runescape

Been interested in trying out a Zerker build but have no idea how to start? If you are new to the game, you might also be confused about what a Zerker is. You are in the right place; keep reading to know more about how to make a max Zerker pure in Runescape or Old School Runescape.


A Berserker pure, also known as a Zerker or Zerk, is a type of combat pure. Its stats are similar to a Rune Pure, except the Zerker has 45 Defense gained in questing to wear the Berserker Helm. This also gives better stat bonuses than the Rune full helm.

You don’t have to start as a Zerker right after you leave Tutorial Island. You can change your current build and try out for a Zerker at any point in the game, given that your stats are efficient in creating this build.

Players mostly go for a Zerker build when they are more into PKing—or Player Killing—with high consistent damage.


Before we get to the max build, let’s start at the very beginning. To ensure that you will be getting a Zerker pure build, make sure you gain 45 Defense by questing. You must gain level 45 Defense through questing than manually training for it.

Main Zerker build combat stats include:

• 45 Defense
• 60 or 75 Attack
o 60 ATK can usually only use dragon-tier weaponry or lower. If you want to go higher, level up to 75.
• 31 or 52 Prayer
o Level 31 unlocks Ultimate Strength, which gives a 15% Strength bonus.
o Level 52 unlocks Smite, which gives 4 damage to your opponent.
• 94 Magic
o This level unlocks the Vengeance spell.

For the Strength and Ranged skills, it is entirely up to you, but it is recommended to get at least Level 85 Strength and 90 Ranged.


To further build your Zerker, there are two quests you must fulfill: Recipe for Disaster quest and the Lunar Diplomacy quest. There are other optional (but recommended) easy quests you can complete while leveling up before accessing the two main quests for the build. Usually, you can go on XP or QP rewards quests to up your skill levels.

Required skill levels to access all the quests in this build are:

• Level 15 – Attack (quested)
• Level 25 – Farming and Fletching
• Level 30 – Slayer and Prayer (Prayer level is quested)
• Level 35 – Runecrafting
• Level 40 – Ranged
• Level 45 – Herblore
• Level 51 – Agility
• Level 53 – Thieving
• Level 54 – Smithing
• Level 55 – Woodcutting
• Level 60 – Mining
• Level 61 – Hunter, Firemaking, Crafting
• Level 62 – Fishing
• Level 66 – Magic
• Level 69 – Strength
• Level 70 – Cooking

As mentioned before, Level 45 Defense is required for a Zerker build, and it MUST be quested. You can fulfill the following quests that reward Defense XP:

• A Soul’s Bane – 500 Defense XP and Hit Points XP, 500 GP.
• In Search of the Myreque – 600 Defense, Attack, Strength, Hit Points and Crafting XP.
• Heroes Quest – 1,325 to 3,075 XP for Defense, Attack, Strength, Hitpoints, Range, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Cooking, Herblore, Smithing, and Mining.
• Nature Spirit – 2,000 Defense XP and Hit Points XP, 3,000 Crafting XP
• The Fremennik Trials – 2,812.4 XP for Defense, Attack, Strength, Hit Points, Agility, Thieving, Crafting, Fletching, Fishing, and Woodcutting.
• The Holy Grail – 15,300 Defense XP, 11,000 Prayer XP.
• Dragon Slayer – 18,650 Defense XP and Strength XP.
• Monkey Madness – 20,000 XP for Attack and Defense (approach Daero for the XP) and 35,000 XP for Strength and Hit Points.

Out of all the quests, the Recipe for Disaster quest may be the most overwhelming. It takes a lot of required completed quests to access this quest, so if you are not willing to grind, this build is not for you. Aside from the skill requirements, the RFD quest also requires completed quests before accessing it:

• Cook’s Assistant
• Fishing Contest
• Goblin Diplomacy
• Big Chompy Bird Hunting
• Murder Mystery
• Nature Spirit
• Priest in Peril
• The Restless Ghost
• Witch’s House
• Gertrude’s Cat
• Shadow of the Storm
• Demon Slayer
• The Golem
• Desert Treasure
• The Dig Site
• Temple of Ikov
• The Tourist Trap
• Troll Stronghold
• Death Plateau
• Legend’s Quest (Started, not finished)
• Family Crest
• Heroes’ Quest
• Shield of Arrav
• Lost City
• Merlin’s Crystal
• Dragon Slayer
• Druidic Ritual
• Shilo Village
• Jungle Potion
• Underground Pass
• Biohazard
• Plague City
• Waterfall Quest
• Monkey Madness
• The Grand Tree
• Tree Gnome Village
• Horror from the Deep
• Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl mini-quest
• Black Knight’s Fortress

Luckily, all these quests are also required to complete for your max Zerker build, so your grind is all worth it.


You need specific worn items to complete your Zerker build and level up your skills to max your Zerker along the way. Some of the gear can be bought in stores or by other players; others are found in loot drops or rewards from quests.

Here are the following worn items you need for your Zerker:

• Berserker Helm – bought at the Warrior’s Guild for 75,000 GP. Requires 45 Defense and completion of Fremennik Trials quest to wear.
• Amulet of Fury – bought from other players for 3 million GP; made from an onyx gem in TzHaar caves at TzHaar-Hur-Lek’s ore and gem shop for 300,000 Tokkul.
• Fighter Torso – earned from the Barbarian Assault.
• Fire Cape: achieved after defeating Jad in the TzHaar Fight Pits.
• Dragon Dagger or Tentacle Whip – both can be bought from other players. Dragon Daggers are sold in the Lost City for 30,000 GP.
• Rune Defender – dropped by the ogres in Warriors’ Guild.
• Rune Legs – can be bought for 50,000 GP.
• Barrows’ Gloves – the best gloves in the game. It can be bought from the Culinaromancer’s chest for 100,000 GP. Must have completed all Recipe for Disaster subquests.
• Rune Boots – can be bought from other players.
• Berserker Ring – can be bought from other players; dropped by the Dagganoth Rex in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

All these ways: from grinding for certain skill levels and gathering high-level equipment, will set you up to max out the stats of your Zerker build. You are all set; you now just need a lot of time to finish it all!