Everything You Need To Know About Runescape Bonds

Over the years, video gaming has evolved from a single-player software to a multi-player realm like RuneScape, where interaction with our fellow players is necessary. To become a more influential player, you must purchase virtual assets that can help your character explore and interact around the game better. You can buy these products with real money and sell them in-game to buy other stuff, such as avatars, bases, or even a gold membership

What Are RuneScape Bonds?

RuneScape bonds, you’ve probably heard about them already. You can buy RuneScape bonds with real money and sell these bonds in-game for RuneScape gold or exchange the bonds for RuneScape membership. Bonds were released back in 2015 on the 30th of March. Because bonds were introduced to the game, it was no longer required to pay real money for RuneScape membership. Instead, you can earn RuneScape gold in-game and buy a membership with the gold by buying bonds on the Grand Exchange and exchanging them for membership.

Once you become a RuneScape member, you can enjoy exclusive perks and amazing members-only content, such as additional minigames, quests, and formidable skills. Besides that, you will earn more loyalty points that you can use on over 200 items, ranging from outfits to teleports and more.

Based on our survey, some players sell RuneScape bonds to become a VIP member and access exclusive minigames where you can team up with friends and earn more exp. It is an excellent way to connect with an extensive network of gamers from amateurs to experienced ones.

RuneScape bonds can indeed unlock a whole new world of possibilities. Players can trade it directly to their fellow players, or through the Grand Exchange. Several people also use these virtual assets as gifts to someone they want to help get on board. With these capabilities, it is quite clear that bonds give us the flexibility to enjoy every area of RuneScape with other people. However, it is crucial to complete the transaction so the bond will not become untradeable.

Summary of RuneScape bonds uses:

• Trade with other players.

• Sell for in-game items.

• Unlock exclusive membership rewards.

• Use to buy keys.

• Access more minigames
• Give to a fellow RuneScape player.

• Earn loyalty points.

• Redeem RuneCoins.

At the time this topic was written, a RuneScape bond is worth $6.99 and approximately 3 million RuneScape gold. It means that you can get 14 days of membership for roughly $7 or 3M GP.

Last 2018, RuneScape has released an increase in bonds and membership prices, keys, and RuneCoins. Nevertheless, it would help if you still prepared yourself. With the success of this video game, it will undoubtedly continue to increase.

The more bonds you exchange for membership, the more membership days you’ll receive. When you redeem two bonds, you’ll get a one-day membership bonus, and when you redeem three bonds, you’ll get a three-day membership bonus. Bonds are tradeable when you purchase them with real currency, but as soon as you buy the bond from another player or sell it to another player, it becomes untradeable. You can pay 10% of the bond price to make the bond tradeable again, so you’d have to pay around 300k GP. You can also choose to exchange your bond for a name change, but you can also simply do this in the account settings on the RuneScape website, so it’s not mandatory to use a bond.

According to experts, buying virtual assets like RuneScape Bonds provides gamers with an opportunity to become more immersed and focused on their games. It also motivates them to manage their money and purchase the products that can help them perform better. This growing RuneScape market indicates that transactions are becoming commonplace in the platform.

Why should you buy RuneScape bonds? Well, these virtual assets are excellent motivation to keep your mind focused and invested in the game. It will also make you more admirable to other players. Over the years, purchasing products like RuneScape bonds have helped thousands of gamers maximize their full potential.

If you don’t know yet, RuneScape bonds have become a form of income for several gamers worldwide. According to research, almost half of this video game’s players are becoming comfortable making bond purchases and selling them. This strategy keeps people earning more in-game benefits, so they keep coming back.

Will I Lose My RuneScape Bonds After Death?

You cannot lose bonds on death, so even when you’re deep in the wilderness, and you get killed, you won’t lose your bond. Bonds can be traded to ironmen, but you have to use the ironmen’s bond to give it to him since ironmen cannot use the trade screen. You can only obtain bonds by buying them with real money or buying them from the Grand Exchange or another player. There are no monsters that drop bonds or any other ways to obtain bonds.


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Overall, the launch of RuneScape bonds is indeed a positive move. It improves the game’s economy, gives players more flexibility, and attracts new customers.