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A Gamer’s Guide to Boosting Your Strength Level in OSRS

We hear you. We know how difficult it is to boost your strength level in OSRS. We know how tiring it is to grind out the whole night just to see little progress in your strength level. We all know that we can inflict maximum damage on our opponents if our strength level increases as well. Most gamers will try to the best of their abilities to reach level 99 to beat every other opponent out there.

If you are one of these gamers, reaching that level will take time and dedication. You will need to outmatch the skills of others just to reach your goal. Honestly, there is no easy way of reaching your level. However, we provided you with a series of tips that could help you efficiently reach that coveted goal.

We will divide these tips into three specific parts: Attacking and Defending (1), Finding the Right Weapon (2), and Finding the Right Gear (3). These three things will help you boost your strength level if you do this consistently. If you are one of these passionate games, we suggest you continue reading.

Attacking and Defending

You will not be able to advance in your skill without first enhancing your attacking and defending capabilities. You might want to improve your skills in these two aspects before attempting to reach 99 strength.

Increasing your attacking capabilities also means increasing your accuracy. You are not technically increasing the impact of your hits. Instead, you are increasing the likelihood of your hits reaching the person. Thus, a lower accuracy impact would be like hitting a person with a pillowcase. However, an accumulation of these hits will result in a more effective attack against your opponent. Increasing your defense, on the other hand, will prevent you from getting hit more often.

Increasing these two abilities will open your character to a vaster array of weapons that you can use for your battles. These weapons will contribute significantly to boosting your strength level.

Finding the Right Weapon

After you increase your defence and attack capabilities, it is now time to select the right weapon for you. We recommend you select a faster weapon than a stronger weapon. Faster weapons relatively provide you with a stronger impact on your opponent’s health. However, a faster weapon will give you more consistent hits that will eventually accumulate over time.

You may also base your buying decision from your monster’s weakness. Some monsters are usually more vulnerable to certain weapons than the other. Understand first the weakness of your monster before using your weapons.

One of the most basic weapons that you will use is the Rune Schmitar. This weapon is relatively cheaper than the other weapons you will see in the kind. The Rune Schmitar is a cheap alternative but a highly effective one. However, as you go on through the levels, you will need a better and upgraded weapon. But if you are in the starting levels, this is the best weapon for you.

As you reach Level 60, you will want to invest in a Dragon Schmitar. This weapon will effectively carry you throughout this level and onto the next. This is a relatively cheaper weapon than the others at this level. However, many pro players in this level still use this weapon to accomplish their tasks. If pros continue to use this, it probably is the best weapon for you.

As you reach closer to your goal, you will need to invest in more upgraded and complex weapons to gain a competitive advantage over the others. The rule-of-thumb that you can think about is that as the levels increases, so should you; as your strength increases, so should the weapon you are wielding.

Finding the Right Gear

As you continue to upgrade your attacking and defending capabilities and your weapon of choice, you must now focus on upgrading the gear you will bring for war. Armour and shields vary based on the type of the monster or the opponent you are fighting with. Thus, you must constantly be upgrading your gear to beat almost any opponent in front of you. A good rule-of-thumb is to differentiate your opponents based on the weapon they chose. If the monster is using a melee or a ranged weapon, try to invest in metal armour to enhance your defence capabilities. You will want to use a Dragon Hide or other ranged gears if you are facing magic attacks.

One of the best gears you can select for yourself first are your helmets. Most people favour using the Serpentine Helm or the Helm of Neitznot. They are both equally matched in terms of their characteristics. However, try to base the decision of your helmet also on the opponent in front of you.

There are many other accessories that you can consider to provide your character with every competitive edge possible. You can analyze the skills and capabilities of each accessory as you continue with the game.

Now that you are prepped for the journey to reach Strength 99, you must now think about how to obtain quests that will award you new levels as you go along. As you go on your journey, you will face many different quests that will provide your wish.

The very first quest that you need to accomplish is the Waterfall Quest. This quest is the beginning of your journey that does not require anything from you. This will be the best quest to help you reach level 30 in the best way possible.

As you go on, you will be brought to many more quests that will grant you an upgrade in your strength level. We advise you to go through each one and maximize the returns of these challenges. These challenges and quests will provide you with the necessary information and experience to carry you through many of the other different levels.

We wish to remind you once more of how much dedication it takes to reach this goal. Patience is the key determinant that will answer your question of whether you will make it. Enjoy the process of reach that level, and the reward will be so much greater. Enjoy!