Range Guide

A Gamer’s Concise Range Guide in OSRS

One of the most important skills to learn are your Ranged abilities. These abilities provide you with the necessary accuracy that other weapons cannot provide. These weapons are most commonly used for fighting monsters at a farther distance. However, the range level will also determine the effectivity of the weapon against the monster.

If you are a ranged player, your goal must be to reach Level 99 to be superior against monsters and your opponents. However, reaching this goal will require time and dedication that will take the best in you to achieve. Thus, let a disclaimer be made here before we begin: increasing your level to your dream level will take time that no guide will speed up for you. Instead, we will create a more efficient way to boost your Ranged Level in the best and efficient way possible. If you are a ranged player of OSRS, keep on reading.

Finding Your Ranged Weapon

As a ranged player, you are offered a variety of information to help you select the best-ranged weapon for you. However, we will show some of the best weapons in the game to make your buying decisions easier.

The Cannon is the best way to gain the necessary points to upgrade to the next level. The quickest way of gaining XP with this weapon is by training in the Combat Training Camp. However, this strategy is also the most expensive one out there. Another excellent solution is by completing Biohazard and Dwarf Cannon. This solution will provide you more XP after finishing the challenge. Take note that investing in a Cannon and its cannonballs are also relatively expensive. However, if this is the way to go for you, consider investing in cheap OSRS gold to speed up the process.

If you would want cheaper alternatives, we suggest investing in a Dorgeshuun Crossbow. You will not need to complete any quests to attain this weapon. You can start training with this weapon right away to increase your XP points at once.

One of the most underrated crossbows that you can consider is the Karil’s Crossbow. This crossbow expels bolt racks contributing to more powerful shots. However, this power will also come at a trade-off. You will be receiving a weaker shield slot and fewer ammunitions when at war.

Selecting the best weapon will still depend on your personal preference. However, considering these weapons will also mean accepting standards already tried and tested.

Finding the Right Armour for You

A good rule-of-thumb in selecting your armour is to select the Dragon Hide Armor. This is the most consistent and effective armour compared to the other options in the market. However, as you reach high levels, you will also be subjected to many other better armors you can eventually select from.

If you are still beginning your journey [Level 1], you will never go wrong by using Leather gear. These are the stages when you do not need to spend too much time boosting your XP. Most quests take no more than two hours. Thus, you will not need any fancy amulets, capes, or bracelets just yet. We suggest saving your money to earn these coveted accessories.

However, as you continue on the ranks of the game, you will be subjected to different and stronger armors that will protect you against stronger monsters and players. For example, you will be introduced to Snakeskin Armour and Dragon Hides. These armors are relatively stronger and durable than the other lower-level ones. However, you will need to meet the requirements from different aspects such as Defense to be eligible to purchase this.

The higher the stage you reach, the more investment you need to make for your character’s protection. Thus, you will be provided with stronger materials you can incorporate to protect yourself against stronger players.

Using Quests to Earn XP Points

The quickest and most effective way to earn these more beautiful and effective weapons is if you increase your XP points. The best way to earn XP points is performing quests that offer bigger points for you. These trainings will make it easier for you to upgrade the equipment of your weapons and your overall character.

There will be quests that will offer you lesser XP points than the others. Try to learn the quests that will offer you the XP points you need to upgrade to the next level. Go through these quests by incorporating the rule-of-thumb guidelines we stated at the top. For example, when you go through a quest, you might encounter an opponent that is vulnerable to a weapon. Thus, you can prepare for this opponent by selecting the weapon it is most vulnerable to.

This strategy goes as well with the gear that you carry with you through the battle. Try to match your gear tangential to the overall strength of your opponent. If you do this strategy correctly, you should have sufficient durability to withstand the attack and inflict the necessary damage to win.

Conclusively, treat your quests like a chess game. Before you enter the quest, ensure that your strategy is solid to ensure you the maximum returns at the end of it. The first challenge is deciding the quests that will provide you with the maximum returns in terms of XP gains. Then, attempt to decide on the weapons and armour you will use to protect yourself against the monster or your opponent. If you prepare before the quest, you will surely gain a competitive advantage against your opponent.

Final Thoughts

Reaching the higher ranks will take time. However, with the patience and dedication to constantly practicing and gaining all those experience points, you will surely reach your goals. These practical tips primarily aim to provide you with a more efficient method of attaining these points. However, the dedication and the commitment will still rest on you. Good luck!