OSRS nmz guide

A comprehensive OSRS guide to Nightmare Zone: Maximize your NMZ points

practices for acquiring them, the rewards you can get, and much more!

A Brief Overview of the Nightmare Zone

If you have read our other guides regarding NMZ, feel free to skip this part!

The Nightmare Zone (NMZ) is a minigame located near the east border of Yanille. The minigame consists of bosses that you have previously defeated while doing quests to earn XP and NMZ points. You need at least five completed quests to begin the minigame.

Feel free to check our boss guide regarding which ones are the best to start with and which ones are the best in general. This activity has three modes and two difficulties for each. Practice, Endurance, and Rumble are the three modes with Normal and Hard modes. Since training doesn’t give NMZ points, we will only talk about endurance and rumble.

– Endurance mode has you fighting every boss you have unlocked via questing, in one-on-one combat. These bosses come in waves, and the activity ends when either all bosses are dead or you – the player, die. For each boss defeated, you will be awarded points.

– Rumble has two modes: regular and customizable. The normal-mode rumble spawns multiple random bosses that you have defeated in quests. Once you kill one of them, another one will spawn and take its place. The minigame only ends when you are upset. Customizable rumble allows you, for a price, to select which bosses to fight. Then only the elected bosses will continuously respawn until you are defeated.

Each of these game modes has “normal” and “hard” difficulties. If you want to play more straightforward, you can choose the normal method where you have to fight all quest bosses and beat their respective stats and through some mechanics. You will need more substantial hit points, strength, magic, and aggressive attacks in hard mode. However, the bosses’ defensive stats remain the same. They only gain some unique fight mechanics.

Once you have chosen your preferred mode, your money will decrease, and Dominic will prepare your dream potion on a plinth. Once your character drinks it, you will arrive at the Nightmare Zone arena. According to OSRS, players can spectate their fellow player’s field if they have consumed the spectator potion and enter the player’s name that they want to spectate.

What Are the Requirements in NMZ Arena?

If you are not sure if bringing quest items is a must on the arena, the answer is no. You do not need to bring any stuff to kill the enemies. For instance, the mighty Black Knight Titan can die without Excalibur.

Some items, such as rune pickaxes, are available for Slagith, magic secateurs for Tanglefoot, runes for Chronozon or Dagnnoth mother, and anti-dragon shield for Elvarg. You can confirm that the items are already provided if it has “(nz)” at the end of their names.

If you want to try the rumble mode, you have to speak first with Dominic. If you are in a group, you can invite your fellow players within the enclosure. Based on research, once you have left the ring, you will be automatically kicked out of the group.

Once the hosting user drinks the dream potions, the other members will have two options: join the shared dream or leave the group. Keep in mind that your team’s maximum number of points can earn from one session is 1,048,575 points.

Does Rumble Mode Have Power-Ups?

In rumble mode, you will have access to power-ups that can spawn around the area randomly. It gives players temporary advantages during the battle. Based on OSRS, there are four types of power-ups in rumble mode, and each of them has a unique colour.

Recurrent Damage

Recurrent damage has a red colour, and you can use it to add further harm to your hits. However, the combined capabilities do not give EXP. It is only dependent on your initial damage, precisely 3/4 of it. For instance, if you have hit the enemy with 35, the power-up can add an extra 26. According to OSRS, it lasts up to 45 seconds.


Zapper has a purple colour, and you can use it to increase damage to the nearby enemies. It does not damage the bosses, such as Dagannoth Mother and Tanglefoot, since these opponents are immune to regular attacks. You can use zapper for up to 60 seconds, and it has a maximum of eight hits.

Power Surge

The power surge is a yellow power-up. You can use it to fill up your Special Attack Bar and quickly regenerate it by 20% per tick. This advantage lasts for 45 seconds, which is good enough to help you defeat more enemies.

Ultimate Force

Ultimate force is a white power-up that instantly kills all the bosses in your arena. However, you will not receive reward points for all deaths. Nevertheless, these deaths grant Slayer experience and count towards a Slayer task as long as you have hit the monster with at least one damage.

Several enemies are more comfortable with killing than the others. Thus, you will surely have plenty of advantages using the ultimate force. Some experts suggested us to use it in defeating Trapped Soul, Sand Snake, Count Draynor, and King Roald.

Keep in mind that these power-ups will disappear after one minute of not being activated.

What Are NMZ Points?

To keep this brief, we will only talk about the Customizable Rumble on hard difficulty. The endurance and the regular rumble give tiny points and are believed just to be a waste of resources. On the other hand, playing this game on Easy is considered a waste, as well. The main difference between hard and easy mode is hitpoints. The bosses have no other stats affected. Therefore, there is no point in playing in easy as you earn less XP and fewer points for the same resources.

NMZ points are your reward for defeating each boss in the minigame. Each boss gives a pre-set amount of points. The points rewarded per boss increases exponentially with the number of bosses selected in the rumble. NMZ points get accumulated throughout the fight by defeating each boss. The maximum points a hard rumble can accumulate is 1.048.575.

What Is the Best Way to Accumulate NMZ Points?

This minigame can be extremely beneficial to all characters. Whether it’s for farming points or XP, NMZ offers something for everyone. The best advice we can give you when trying to accumulate NMZ points is to automate the process as much as possible. However, when you are starting, you will be forced to use your resources. After a while, you will be able to accumulate enough points to cover your expenses and much more.

Automating the Process of the NMZ

NMZ is an activity that is extremely desirable for three significant reasons. The first one is its ability to produce high XP rates when training. Secondly, the cost to do the activity is practically 0, apart from the starting resources and opportunity cost. Lastly, but most importantly, the AFK-ness of the minigame.

With just a few clicks every 20 minutes, you can spend hours upon hours in NMZ, producing incredible amounts of XP and points, while laying back and watching Netflix. That’s why it’s essential to automate the process. It means to click the least amount of times.

The best AFK methods for NMZ are:

– Using absorption potions and super combat potions while using your best gear. Super combat potions do not have the negative (in this situation) side effect of healing you 50 HP when they run out as the overloads do. Therefore you can efficiently AFK for 10-20 minutes before having to lower your health again.

– The other AFK method is with using 100% NMZ resources – overloads and absorptions. However, this method can only be done for 5 minutes at a time because the overload potions heal you for 50 HP every minute.

– Another costly method is to use prayer potions and protection prayers. This method can only last up to 10 minutes because you will eventually run out of prayer potions and points. Another big drawback is that you will only be able to select bosses with one attack style – melee.

– The second method is using full guthans set on easy-mode rumble. Do not attempt this on hard. The bosses will shred even through a level 99 defence account. However, this method is much better done at bandit camps and crabs.

The Rewards You Can Get From NMZ

The most important reward you can draw out from the NMZ is imbuing your Fremennik rings. This activity will provide the rings with (i) symbols at the end and double their stat points. On top of that, you can imbue your slayer mask and your slayer helmet to add the 15% bonus damage and accuracy to magic and ranged attacks, not only melee. Another essential aspect of farming NMZ points can be the herb boxes, which are daily. For 9500 NMZ points, you can purchase 15 herb boxes. It is a very interesting moneymaker each day. This activity can produce around 150.000 GP.

Conclusion and Bonus Tip

Farming NMZ points can be very beneficial to the growth of your character. From imbuing rings to getting incredible XP rates per hour, are all the benefits of learning how to AFK appropriately while training. If you aren’t confident about how to do this activity or need help, we can help you. Our team can reach incredible XP per hour rates on your account while accumulating an insane amount of points for you to spend at your will. You can check out our services, right here on nmztraining.com.

Happy training!