Runescape still popular

7 Reasons Why People Still Play RuneScape 20 Years Later

RuneScape has stayed playable for over 20 years now, and for some reason, it’s yet to falter. Despite branching out into two completely separate games, RuneScape will go down in history as one of the best massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of all time. Despite the number of new games and titles that arguably deserve a spot in the gaming hall of fame, RuneScape can proudly boast about a few things it pioneered. And for that alone, RuneScape deserves respect.

Among the many games that came in its era, RuneScape is probably the most famous and widely played game in the early 2000s. But to everyone’s surprise, it’s still as popular and fun to play as ever. And, this is because of the following reasons:

It’s completely free (well, almost)

As with almost every MMORPG, this game is free for anyone who wants to play. But, it still offers tons of fun elements and options that continually captivate the interest of players of all ages. Of course, other players still have the option of paying a small fee for extra in-game content.

Its very unique combat system

RuneScape dealt with combat very differently compared to most MMORPGs. You don’t have to choose a class right away and push that choice to when you level up and play. This makes for more choices for you and allows you to switch at any time without negative consequences.

It’s two games in one

The older version of RuneScape has split from the new version. Players can choose either to play on OSRS or RS3. While they share the same content, they are essentially very different. Players continually argued on which one is better, but both are highly enjoyable and satisfying to play regardless of the answer to this debate.

It’s very relaxing

RuneScape’s gameplay is more on the passive side. It provides players with a platform to relax, socialize, and wind down after a long day of work. Some players are even playing it while working, thanks to its slow pace, making it a great fit for letting it play in the background while you’re at the office.

Its quest and lore is great

MMORPGs are very grindy, with them asking you to collect hundreds of a certain item at a given time and go back of forth between different NPCs for rewards. With RuneScape, doing this is more delightful thanks to the hints of humor sprinkled on it.

It’s available on mobile

With the evolution of technology, RuneScape rode the tide of development and cannot be played on mobile devices. This version has almost everything available to the PC player but with easier accessibility, making it a great fit for the new generation of players.

It’s packed with nostalgia.

This is probably the main reason why it remained popular and relevant throughout the years. After all, this game is 20 years old now, and the sheer amount of history it holds and went through with its players is huge. And, with it still being available, reliving the good old times is a delight for its player base.

Change is inevitable, and keeping up with it is important. But, there are special times when staying inside a bubble in time for just a few minutes is just as necessary. RuneScape offers its players the choice of living in both, and you still wonder why it’s still so popular and fun to play.